About Prophecy

"Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but He revealeth His secret unto His servants the prophets."

This is the last Explication produced; Homer Kizer died, August 21, 2016, in Adak, AK. All will be reformated for mobile devices, as will all of his writings on other sites.



Explications are short articles that address biblical prophesies, especially as they pertain to the generic time of the end. The key to understanding all of Scripture, including prophecy, is that in all things, the physical precedes the spiritual (1 Cor 15:46), and the visible reveals the invisible (Rom 1:20) as the left hand of a person forms the non-symmetrical mirror image of the right hand. The key to understanding prophecy isn't having studied fourteen or more books about prophecy; isn't identifying the United States and Britain as the endtime descendants of the ancient house of Israel; isn't having visited Jerusalem or the modern nation of Israel or having an Islamic friend or being recognized as a prophecy expert. The key to understanding prophecy is the realization that the glorified Christ Jesus has revealed to His friends the mysteries of God, that the man Jesus of Nazareth came as the second Adam, that the first Adam was the visible, physical shadow of the invisible [glorified], spiritual last Adam, a life-giving spirit (1 Cor 15:45). Understanding biblical prophecy requires the disciple to realize that circumcised Israel formed the visible, physical shadow of spiritual Israel, invisible in this world; that the physical Babylonia-Persian-Greek succession of kingdoms formed the visible shadow of the Adversary’s hierarchal governing structure, also invisible to human eyes. In Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus linked the endtime abomination that desolates (Matt 24:15) to Daniel's sealed abomination of desolation (Dan 11:31). And this abomination that desolates is a human person possessed by the Adversary in the Affliction, the first 1260 days of seven years of tribulation. As such, he is the physical shadow and copy of the Adversary being cast to earth and given the mind of a man in the Endurance of Jesus, the last 1260 days of the seven years. This will now see a Second Passover liberation of a second nation of Israel, this liberation being from indwelling sin and death, the event that begins these seven endtime years, analogous to the first Israel’s forty-year-long trek in the wilderness.

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