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"Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but He revealeth His secret unto His servants the prophets."

Archive of Older Articles

In 2002 when called to reread prophecy, I set about writing a book-length manuscript, which was followed by a second and a third book … this website was launched late in 2003, and with the launch of this website, a venue existed for shorter writings—and there have been many shorter pieces written since.

These articles disclose my growth in grace and knowledge; thus, all of them have been retained.

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Day 1260 - Prophecy Primer
The Beasts of
Daniel 7
Rereading Prophecy
The Time of the End False Prophets
Who Rides the Beast? Iron Legs
Prophecy & the Passover What Gospel is Proclaimed Before the End Comes?
Into the Promised Land Heaven, Hell, or Somewhere Between?
The "Unified" Field Signs of the End of the Age
Marxism vs. Prophecy What the Watchmen Won't Tell You
Battle For The Mind of Humanity The Preaching of Hell
This Gospel Into All the World Response to Cal Thomas, False Prophets
A Wind of Change Response to Christopher Hitchins Typological Exegesis
Recovering Israel