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What I know will be mostly expressed in the following pages—and my argument for having been called to do a work for God is the same as the Apostle Paul's: my understanding of the mysteries of God (see Eph 3:2–6). But I will do better than Paul: evidence of me being called to reread prophecy will be in the occurrence or non-occurrence of a Second Passover liberation of Israel in the near future, this liberation being from indwelling sin and death through all of Christendom being baptized in, filled with, and empowered by the spirit of God immediately following death angels passing over the whole of earth slaying uncovered [by the blood of Christ] biological and legal firstborns, some two billion persons in one day. Sounds like a fantasy? It should, but so would have death angels passing over Egypt slaying uncovered firstborns at the midnight hour of the Passover before the liberation of the physical nation of Israel from physical slavery to a physical king in a physical land. Would it be a greater fantasy if a spiritual nation of Israel is liberated from spiritual slavery to a spiritual king on the night of the Second Passover?

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